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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are all these items made of lead crystal?

No, we supply different types of glass: from normal glass to full lead crystal. The way of production often determines the sort of glass which is used.

We distinguish glass without lead oxide content between normal glass and optically pure glass. Normal glass may show tiny bubbles or streaks in contrast to optically pure glass. According to German law it can be called lead crystal only if lead oxide content is at least 24 %. If lead oxide content is higher than 30 %, it is called full lead crystal.

Do all items exist in different colors?

The way of production does not always allow to use colored glass. Most of the items are made of transparent clear glass. It is, however, possible to produce a play of colors by effects. Effects are metallic coatings on the surface which make the glass shimmer in iridescent colors.

Can I realize my own design?

We are quite prepared to make our offer for own design. For this purpose a new mold is necessary in most cases. For the cost of new mold it is to be reckoned with a four-figure EURO amount. Glass molds are subject to certain rules. The design must be easy releasable. This means that it must be possible to open the mold on one or more sides to take the glass part out of it.

How can I get your catalogues?

Just fill in our contact form and indicate the product groups you are particularly interested in. Please give us your full postal address.

Do prices include delivery and transport charges?

No, our prices are quoted ex works. We do not consider transport charges in our prices. We will inform you about possible ways of transport: post, courier service or forwarder. We will surely find the most economical way together.

How much is the shipment?

We can just give approximate figures. Taking a parcel of about 15 kg as a basis, the postage is 10,52 within Germany, about 40,00 within Europe (depending on the country) and, for example, about 110,00 to the USA

How much are the import duties?

Customs rates vary in the different countries. We are quite prepared to inform you of the customs tariff numbers for the various items so that you can make an inquiry to your customs office.

There are no customs duties within Europe. There is duty in the neighbouring areas in exceptional cases only. However, please do not fail to inform us of your Vat Registration Number if you are member of the European Community. If you cannot give us the Vat Registration Number, we will have to charge the legal German value added tax.

Is there a minimum order value?

Minimum order value is about 150,-- to 250,-- EUR. This minimum order value only enables economical execution of your order in our company.

We can of course make sample shipments to you but we ask you to understand if samples are charged to you. In most cases it is not a matter of the value of samples but transport charges which may be considerable depending on the distance.

I am not a trader. Can I buy your items?

We generally do business with industry and trade only, but we are quite prepared to give you the name of a trader in your vicinity.

How is payment to be made?

We do business with new customers within Germany on the basis of COD. New customers from abroad are asked to pay in advance.

What do I have to do in case of damaged item?

Even if we check the items carefully and pack them adequately, it may happen that an item is damaged when it arrives. In this case we ask you to inform us of the kind and extent of damage immediately. Then we will discuss with you how to proceed. We usually issue our credit note or send replacement. Sometimes we ask for return shipment of damaged item to find out the cause of damage. In this case please do not send freight forward. If the complaint is justified, we will reimburse the return postage to you.

Any further questions?

Please fill in our contact form for further questions.