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Chandelier Crystals - Illumination Glass

We present our assortment of glass parts for lighting. The concentration is put on classic crystals for chandeliers. Parts and accessories for fitting lighting fixtures, such as octagons, ovals, square stones, rosettes and stars, pinned units in any variation desired, balls, finals, drops, prisms, centre hole parts, hollow parts, bobeches, glass arms, Strass bandings, chandelier plates and cover borders. We supply decorative connectors and clips, prism pins and other connecting metal parts in different colors.

Furthermore we supply glass parts of geometric shapes such as cylinders, cubes, balls, pyramids, prisms etc as accessories for modern lighting or as decorative glass covers for halogen lights and lighting effects.
Chandelier Crystals - Illumination Glass Chandelier Crystals - Illumination Glass
Chandelier Crystals - Illumination Glass