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Rainbow Crystals

Old pearls of wisdom and sciences are discovered anew. Feng Shui (wind and water) is the art of harmonic living between man and nature.

Being part of the Taoism, which is the Yin and Yang theory of balance, it goes back to the beginning of the Chinese history.

Enjoy the fascination of sparkling colour reflexes when a sunbeam falls on the cut crystal. The different crystals favour career and prosperity, they raise room energy and stimulate the sense of harmony.

The crystals are used
  • in front of large windows
  • if door and window are opposite to each other
  • in long corridors
  • in sunny south- and west-facing windows
to avoid the draining away of energies, to remove disturbances in the flow of energy, to stabilize and energize a room.

We offer a wide range of rainbow crystals.
Rainbow Crystals Rainbow Crystals
Rainbow Crystals Rainbow Crystals